Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey everyone!

So this week went like this...
Tuesday 8AM-3PM leadership training meeting. My last one so I bore my testimony.
Wednesday we had intercambios with the sisters in Santa Victoria. I went there with Hermana Alcedo again.  A story from the intercambio. We were walking down the main road, it's a pretty busy one, in the nicest part of the city and for some reason I looked up to the 5th floor of an apartment complex. Well, there was Sidia, a member from my first transfer in 9 de Octubre! So I let out a little 'Hermana Pilling scream' and she came down and we crossed the street and we talked.  I haven't seen her for a year! She was shocked that I speak spanish hahahha. Anyways, it was such a blessing to see her after so much time and she videoed me saying hi to the family and stuff just in case they can't make it to the airport. 
Thursday at noon I got back to my area with Hermana Wood.
Friday 10-1 we had victoria zone meeting, our zone. It was really good! I love the mission life and because it was my last one, I bore my testimony.
Saturday 9:30-1:30 we had Pomalca zone meeting.  We have to travel about a half hour to get there so it takes up time. It was a good meeting too and a member made a tres leches cake, so yummy! I also shared my last testimony with them because I am leaving. 
Saturday night was stake conference adult session. President and Sister Williams spoke and it was awesomeness!
Sunday was stake conference. Very very good stake conference. I enjoyed it quite a bit! The stake president talked about what makes us happy. It shouldn't be having money, having a nice house, having a happy family. The thing that should bring most joy in our life should be knowing that we are obedient and doing what God wants us to do; living the gospel, being righteous.  That is what should bring us pure joy. I agree100% with him. 
Sunday night was the First Presidency Christmas devotional. 

I'm eating an `empenada de globo`
Hermana Tunquipa and Hermana Esquivel at the zone meeting

My ward mission leader from San Felipe came to see us

So this week was crazy busy! I feel like my companion and I were hardly ever teaching together! We did have a couple stellar lessons though. Jessica, the recent convert, came to church.  She is reading her scriptures again and just seems to be a little bit more calm. She seems happy! Rogelio, our investigator in a wheel chair, is just the cutest ever. Se sat down for our lesson and were chatting a little and then he suddenly said, "Well can we start with a prayer? "  He was all eager to learn more about the plan of salvation. When we talked briefly about temples and eternal families his wife and he just lit up! They lost 2 children and he almost lost his life and you can tell family means a lot to them. I love sharing these specials truths with others to bring them the same hope and joy that I have. We are teaching a sister named Yolanda. She wants to get baptized so badly but she isn't married and her husband doesn't want to get married.  Well we have been working with her and she has been talking like everyday about marriage with her husband. She just seems so determined. She has been listening to the missionaries for a year and she has never done her part but she is actually trying so hard! We were walking back to the rooms (so I could use the bathroom) and this lady stopped us all happy to see us and we hugged her.  I asked her if she was a member and she said no. So then I was genuinely confused as to why she was so happy to see us. She said, "Isn't it interesting how God just puts angels in your paths exactly when you need it." Then she started crying. She has a lot of family problems and she is scared to go home because her son is a drunk who beats her and horrible things like that and she was praying for some comfort. So we sat down at a park bench and talked a bit with her.  It was just one of those moments when I was SO grateful that I had to go to the bathroom and that we were heading that direction. hahahaha But honestly, I know that God puts us in the paths of others to help them and comfort them. 

Well, my lesson of a lifetime this week is prayer.  I have learned that you can pray whenever and wherever and God listens. I have prayed in english and in spanish, out loud and in my heart and he hears every single time. It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the night and I am up because of a nightmare or if I am praying at lunch with my companion, He always listens. When I pray, I receive guidance and blessings. I have learned of the importance of real intent and I know what a prayer of faith is too. I talk openly and honestly with my Father in Heaven and I know that I am His daughter and that He loves me. I have said a prayer of gratitude, nothing but gratitude, every single day my whole mission because I should be grateful and everything I have is from my Heavenly Father. More than anything, prayer has helped me get to know my Father in Heaven better. And myself. I have learned to trust in his timing and in his plan. Just like my favorite part in the bible dictionary says about prayer, 'Prayer is the act by which the will of the father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other. The object of prayer is not to change the will of God but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant but that are made conditional on our asking of them'.  I have received answers to so many questions and my father in heaven has enlightened my mind to resolve my doubts as well. I am so grateful for that. I don't know what I would do without the precious gift and heavenly communication of prayer. 

Love you all!

Hermana Pilling

This is Jaime, probably my favorite member ever. He has really helped me grow spiritually in my little time here in La Victoria.

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