Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Sabbath Starts the Week

Monday we taught a recent convert named Emerita. She got baptized in February. She is from the selva and can't read and she's been a little wobbly with her testimony lately. We were teaching her about enduring to the end when I suddenly had the thought to give her a HLJ (CTR) ring! She teared up and was so grateful and said it is going to help her so much! So.... THANKS GRAMS hahahah

Tuesday we taught crazy little Sonia. She started reading the Book of Mormon and read 1 Nephi chapter 1.  She started off the lesson by asking us, "So how is it exactly that the Book of Mormon can be applied to my life?" Hermana Waite and I just kind of laughed. We, as members, obviously know that the first chapter of the Book of Mormon is VERY applicable but for investigators, they just don't quite understand yet. We told her that with time she will be able to find verses and stories that can help her overcome her own personal trials and adversities. 

Wednesday I found out that Hermana McCally had transfers and is no longer in 9 de Octubre :( I am pretty sad about that but hey, what can you do! She is actually now in Jaen so who knows when I will see her again! 

Thursday we taught Hermano Guillermo about the sabbath day. It never occurred to him that he has to stay for all 3 hours of church to really keep the sabbath day holy. Unfortunately he was super sick Sunday with a fever and all so he couldn't come at alllll but he understands the importance of the commandment and is progressing REALLY well. 

Friday Hermana Edna came out with us ALL afternoon. She is President and Sister Williams pensionista and she is absolutely amazing! I love her so much. she is a convert of 7 years but literally should be a missionary. She was so great in our lessons. She really helped Hermana Sonia a lot to understand the purpose of this earth life and the power of prayer and faith. 

Saturday the sisters in the other ward had a baptism of a family of 4! We went with Hermana America and with Hermano Guillermo. We had to leave after the baptisms and they were both able to stay for the end part but they have to have felt the spirit. Baptism is a sacred ordinance and it is the door to a long journey. The sister missionaries sang a beautiful musical number and I just felt the spirit so strongly. I love the church! 

Sunday was a great day. In my studies a few weeks ago I was reading.... probably in the bible dictionary about the sabbath day and I realized that I have always thought of Sunday as being "the happy ending to a long week" and I have always looked at Monday as the start of the week. When  I was studying, it occurred to me that I would be better off to think of Sunday as my "happy spiritually uplifting start to the week" and let the talks and lessons and spirit stay with me throughout the week. I think it's a pretty cool thing. Having said that.... no one came to church. Not one of our 3 investigators, the recent convert or the less active we committed to attend. It was a little bit of a bummer but it was still a great sabbath day! We even got to eat TACOS for lunch! I will have you all know that my taste buds have changed and I put GUACAMOLE and TOMATOES on my taco. And I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Love you all family and friends. 
Keep the faith,

Hermana Pilling

Monday, April 20, 2015


The mission has changed me and I've changed my mission. 

Monday I wrote early because we went to Las Musas and took photos. We didn't know what else to do so we found this cute little restaurant and were thinking about ordering sandwiches or something. We were looking at the menu and THEY HAD HOMEMADE OREO MILKSHAKES! So that was our lunch and it was delicious. 9 months without that deliciousness is alllllooooonnnnggggggg time. 

Las Musas

Sister Leaders at Stake Conference

"The" Milkshake

Tuesday our invetsigator Sonia started off the lesson by telling us that she just wants to make sure she is really sure when she gets baptized. We didn't even ask her about what she thought about baptism! It was great :)

Wednesday we met with Sonia again. We asked her if she is praying to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet and she said, "Well of course he is. You guys say he is a prophet and prophets teach the gospel and so ya it's all true." She is reallllly believing. We tried a few times to explain that people that say there is no god obviously aren't teaching the truth and a BUNCH of other examples and basically she is also really stubborn. So just when I was feeling hopeless, my companion and I had the same thought at the same moment to watch the restoration movie. So we pulled it out, watched it, felt the spirit and it ended. Hermana Sonia said, "Wow. I really have to pray don't I? I need to pray a lot too, with faith." IT WAS AMAZING. Such a turn around. And so spiritual. And so great!  
We also had interviews. President and Hermana Williams are so so fantastic. President was talking about other missionaries and said, "For example, like my wife. She has always had low self esteem and I just don't get it|! I look at myself and I say, I am pretty darn great!" I started crying and laughing and crying and he waited and then I explained that those are literal words I have heard come out of my daddy's mouth and my own and my brothers and how it is always great to talk to president. It was so great.

Thursday we visited America and Jorge. Can I just say that this week my com and I realized that Jorge, George, has a very American name. And his wife's name is America. But also! JORGE LOOKS LIKE OBAMA! it is the craziest thing ever. Anyways, we visited them and they are so great. They ended up coming to church with their 2 kids, Jorge and Carlos, and they are progressing too. Just a little tad bit slower. 

Friday we visited Guillermo who is probably the most perfect investigator I have ever had. He is always home, he comes to church, he reads the Book of Mormon, he doesn't have any big addiction or problem (that we know of) and he is getting baptized on the 9th! Hopefully! hahaha He was telling us a story about work and how he had to go out on a night at like 2 AM because they are trying to catch these fishermen that are selling fish that are under the limit and it suddenly occurred to me that I am teaching a fish police!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha He is doing really great and his lessons are always so spiritual. Every day we visit him I see more light in his eyes. 

Saturday I was tired. And no one was home. And it was really hot out. And I didn't ever complain out loud but I was in my head. But luckily I have been blessed with a super understanding, loving, great companion who asked questions and kept me distracted from the suffering of probably my longest day in the mission. She is so so great. 

Sunday we had stake conference! And also WE DON'T HAVE CAMBIOS. We didn't really think we would. This transfer was the quickest transfer of my life. Everything is just so happy and I love my companion and I love my investigators and I love the work. 

So about the whole "the misison has changed me". I was reading this morning in Luke 14 in the bible the cost we pay to be disciples of Christ.  I just want to be better and I know that if I focus on Christ I will have more success and if I focus on Christ, other's will want to come unto him. I love my Savior and I love his work. 

Until next week,

Hermana Pilling

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Biggest Roller Coaster Week Ever

Okay, so monday we were so happy and high on life. We were filled with the spirit of Conference and just glowing with the testimony of living prophets. Everything just seemed to be too great...until my companion got news from home that an acquaintance has gotten into anti mormon stuff and has started to have his own sacrament meetings in his house. That took us both down just a notch. That night President Williams accompanied us to a lesson. When we were in his car before we prayed he told us, "I am not going to say anything. I will just let you guys teach and I'll help you out." So he asked me to pray, and I couldn't do it in English, Spanish was all that came out, and we left! We got to the house, we introduced President Williams, and then asked what they thought of conference. They then had president pray and we didn't say another word the rest of the lesson. President left a commitment to read Alma 32 and took out another appointment and then that was all! hahahahahaha We didn't say a word.  But it was a really powerful lesson. President is just so amazing. Then we picked up some sisters that came down from Jaen for a training meeting and they stayed with us. They told us some things that made us just probably about 50000 notches lower on the happiness scale. so that was a bummer. 

Tuesday morning I tripped and fell and cut up my leg pretty good. It doesn't look too bad at first but with time it got UGLY. We cleaned it up. After lunch we cleaned it with alcohol cleaning stuff and it BURNED. I was squeezing my little nemo stuffy so hard! 

Wednesday morning we walked like we normally do.  Then after lunch I was looking at my knee and it literally looked like there was an egg inside of my leg. It was SO BIG. Oh wow. So I called sister Williams and I had to ice it and put it up all afternoon. 

Thursday we had zone meeting. We talked about recognizing the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life. I have been writing down moments from my life that I remember feeling the holy ghost really strongly. It's been amazing to see how many times the Lord has blessed me with strength and love. 

Clair's Zone

Long story short because I have 1 minute and 58 seconds...
Saturday we went to the doctors and he said my cut is infected. I AM FULL OF INFECTION. literally. My cut, my bug bites. I have a lot of antibiotic creams and pills and things are supposed to be getting better. Next week I will be more organized. 

I love you all so much.  I love to pray and I love the holy ghost and I love the Gospel. Life is so great and a simple smile can change everything!


Hermana Pilling

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference Weekend is the BEST

Monday after writing you guys we went to Sister Williams to help her make cookies for some missionaries. I FELT RIGHT AT HOME. She even has a Bosch and it was just amazing. We just talked and then I had a bowl of Fruitloops with MILK and I don't think she really realizes how much that means to me. It was so great to just talk to my "mission mom" and feel at home. 

Tuesday we had intercambios but it wasn't anything special... i don't really know... 

Wednesday was my 9 MONTH mark.  We had district meeting in the morning when I got my birthday package from Grams. The scripture cases are all fantastic and the Easter chocolate was great! It was so awesome! For dinner we ate out at a little place and had pizza and Sister Waite just asked me all these questions to make me think about my mission so far and what I expect from myself. It was so good.

Thursday, President came with us to an appointment in the morning but the guy wasn't there. He was with us for like maybe 20 minutes and it was awesome. Every word was just so great. I love him and his counsel and his willingness to just help. He's coming with us tonight again to teach that investigator, Jose. We will see how it goes!

Friday, we had lots of lessons about the prophet because we were preparing everyone for conference. I loved testifying of the prophet. It is the best ever. 

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY was Conference.  By the way I have officially decided conference is the best holiday there is.  I can't pick favorites.... 
Boyd K. Packer is just getting old.... but cookies and a kiss, the rest is history, with 70 YEARS together is just adorable.   I liked Elder Oaks' talk. I liked L. Tom Perry, "the older I get the more I realize that the family is the center of life and brings true happiness." I loved that.  I can't wait to reread Elder Bednar's talk. I really want to.   Elder Andersen's talk was good. "Why do I dance?" It really made me think.  I love the prophet.  He made me really homesick for a temple. For that calm peaceful feeling and marvelous beauty.  Elder Holland is amazing as usual. That talk was super touching.  Almost all us missionary gringos were crying.  I liked Elder Russell M. Nelson saying it's important to think of our actions and say ; what sign do I want to send to God? 

Well, conference was amazing. Peru is amazing. Christ lives. Happy Easter


Hermana Pilling