Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference Weekend is the BEST

Monday after writing you guys we went to Sister Williams to help her make cookies for some missionaries. I FELT RIGHT AT HOME. She even has a Bosch and it was just amazing. We just talked and then I had a bowl of Fruitloops with MILK and I don't think she really realizes how much that means to me. It was so great to just talk to my "mission mom" and feel at home. 

Tuesday we had intercambios but it wasn't anything special... i don't really know... 

Wednesday was my 9 MONTH mark.  We had district meeting in the morning when I got my birthday package from Grams. The scripture cases are all fantastic and the Easter chocolate was great! It was so awesome! For dinner we ate out at a little place and had pizza and Sister Waite just asked me all these questions to make me think about my mission so far and what I expect from myself. It was so good.

Thursday, President came with us to an appointment in the morning but the guy wasn't there. He was with us for like maybe 20 minutes and it was awesome. Every word was just so great. I love him and his counsel and his willingness to just help. He's coming with us tonight again to teach that investigator, Jose. We will see how it goes!

Friday, we had lots of lessons about the prophet because we were preparing everyone for conference. I loved testifying of the prophet. It is the best ever. 

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY was Conference.  By the way I have officially decided conference is the best holiday there is.  I can't pick favorites.... 
Boyd K. Packer is just getting old.... but cookies and a kiss, the rest is history, with 70 YEARS together is just adorable.   I liked Elder Oaks' talk. I liked L. Tom Perry, "the older I get the more I realize that the family is the center of life and brings true happiness." I loved that.  I can't wait to reread Elder Bednar's talk. I really want to.   Elder Andersen's talk was good. "Why do I dance?" It really made me think.  I love the prophet.  He made me really homesick for a temple. For that calm peaceful feeling and marvelous beauty.  Elder Holland is amazing as usual. That talk was super touching.  Almost all us missionary gringos were crying.  I liked Elder Russell M. Nelson saying it's important to think of our actions and say ; what sign do I want to send to God? 

Well, conference was amazing. Peru is amazing. Christ lives. Happy Easter


Hermana Pilling

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