Monday, April 13, 2015

The Biggest Roller Coaster Week Ever

Okay, so monday we were so happy and high on life. We were filled with the spirit of Conference and just glowing with the testimony of living prophets. Everything just seemed to be too great...until my companion got news from home that an acquaintance has gotten into anti mormon stuff and has started to have his own sacrament meetings in his house. That took us both down just a notch. That night President Williams accompanied us to a lesson. When we were in his car before we prayed he told us, "I am not going to say anything. I will just let you guys teach and I'll help you out." So he asked me to pray, and I couldn't do it in English, Spanish was all that came out, and we left! We got to the house, we introduced President Williams, and then asked what they thought of conference. They then had president pray and we didn't say another word the rest of the lesson. President left a commitment to read Alma 32 and took out another appointment and then that was all! hahahahahaha We didn't say a word.  But it was a really powerful lesson. President is just so amazing. Then we picked up some sisters that came down from Jaen for a training meeting and they stayed with us. They told us some things that made us just probably about 50000 notches lower on the happiness scale. so that was a bummer. 

Tuesday morning I tripped and fell and cut up my leg pretty good. It doesn't look too bad at first but with time it got UGLY. We cleaned it up. After lunch we cleaned it with alcohol cleaning stuff and it BURNED. I was squeezing my little nemo stuffy so hard! 

Wednesday morning we walked like we normally do.  Then after lunch I was looking at my knee and it literally looked like there was an egg inside of my leg. It was SO BIG. Oh wow. So I called sister Williams and I had to ice it and put it up all afternoon. 

Thursday we had zone meeting. We talked about recognizing the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life. I have been writing down moments from my life that I remember feeling the holy ghost really strongly. It's been amazing to see how many times the Lord has blessed me with strength and love. 

Clair's Zone

Long story short because I have 1 minute and 58 seconds...
Saturday we went to the doctors and he said my cut is infected. I AM FULL OF INFECTION. literally. My cut, my bug bites. I have a lot of antibiotic creams and pills and things are supposed to be getting better. Next week I will be more organized. 

I love you all so much.  I love to pray and I love the holy ghost and I love the Gospel. Life is so great and a simple smile can change everything!


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