Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Sabbath Starts the Week

Monday we taught a recent convert named Emerita. She got baptized in February. She is from the selva and can't read and she's been a little wobbly with her testimony lately. We were teaching her about enduring to the end when I suddenly had the thought to give her a HLJ (CTR) ring! She teared up and was so grateful and said it is going to help her so much! So.... THANKS GRAMS hahahah

Tuesday we taught crazy little Sonia. She started reading the Book of Mormon and read 1 Nephi chapter 1.  She started off the lesson by asking us, "So how is it exactly that the Book of Mormon can be applied to my life?" Hermana Waite and I just kind of laughed. We, as members, obviously know that the first chapter of the Book of Mormon is VERY applicable but for investigators, they just don't quite understand yet. We told her that with time she will be able to find verses and stories that can help her overcome her own personal trials and adversities. 

Wednesday I found out that Hermana McCally had transfers and is no longer in 9 de Octubre :( I am pretty sad about that but hey, what can you do! She is actually now in Jaen so who knows when I will see her again! 

Thursday we taught Hermano Guillermo about the sabbath day. It never occurred to him that he has to stay for all 3 hours of church to really keep the sabbath day holy. Unfortunately he was super sick Sunday with a fever and all so he couldn't come at alllll but he understands the importance of the commandment and is progressing REALLY well. 

Friday Hermana Edna came out with us ALL afternoon. She is President and Sister Williams pensionista and she is absolutely amazing! I love her so much. she is a convert of 7 years but literally should be a missionary. She was so great in our lessons. She really helped Hermana Sonia a lot to understand the purpose of this earth life and the power of prayer and faith. 

Saturday the sisters in the other ward had a baptism of a family of 4! We went with Hermana America and with Hermano Guillermo. We had to leave after the baptisms and they were both able to stay for the end part but they have to have felt the spirit. Baptism is a sacred ordinance and it is the door to a long journey. The sister missionaries sang a beautiful musical number and I just felt the spirit so strongly. I love the church! 

Sunday was a great day. In my studies a few weeks ago I was reading.... probably in the bible dictionary about the sabbath day and I realized that I have always thought of Sunday as being "the happy ending to a long week" and I have always looked at Monday as the start of the week. When  I was studying, it occurred to me that I would be better off to think of Sunday as my "happy spiritually uplifting start to the week" and let the talks and lessons and spirit stay with me throughout the week. I think it's a pretty cool thing. Having said that.... no one came to church. Not one of our 3 investigators, the recent convert or the less active we committed to attend. It was a little bit of a bummer but it was still a great sabbath day! We even got to eat TACOS for lunch! I will have you all know that my taste buds have changed and I put GUACAMOLE and TOMATOES on my taco. And I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Love you all family and friends. 
Keep the faith,

Hermana Pilling

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