Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crazy, only in Peru

So I have to tell you about the garbage. The garbage men drive around and honk a really loud horn and everyone runs out with their garbage. There are one or 2 men in the truck and then 2 or 3 throwing the garbage up and in and then they just stack it up hard core and pack it down. It's quite the adventure. And it doesn't come at normal times, so if we are home and all of a sudden we hear it we scramble to get it all into one bag and outside in time. hahaha

Sister Layton sent me 60 days with the Atonement. It is the best! I love it already.  She's just the sweetest lady ever. I love her. 

Last pday after writing, we played bowling with all of our pop bottles and we didn't have a ball so I thought, what would daddy do? I took some cotton balls, a lot of them, and took my packing tape, and I made a ball!!!!! :) Dad, you would be so proud! The video is too big to send unfortunately, but it's the best. 

Okay. So Tuesday we had a lesson with a girl named Natali. She is so so great and we found her at such a great time too because now she has all these trials and she thanked us for teaching her about prayer and how we really can trust in the Lord. We also took a member with us who just testified of the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. When Natali prayed, she said thanks for sending Katia, the member, to give her another testimony and witness of this true gospel. THAT WAS SUPER COOL! Also, the member said that a lonnnnngggg time ago her grandpa was a member and he was super active, the only one in his family, and he was super into geneology and family history work. It is the best!!!! 

We had plans to read the conference talk by David A. Bednar directed to non-members with an investigator on Wednesday. We want to help her understand that we aren't forcing her, just inviting her to come and see.  We sat down and I turned to my companion and said we should review Lesson 1. It was such a strong impression. So we started to review lesson 1 and we had some good inspired questions and when we got to Joseph Smith the truth came out. We found her big doubt! She said every time we talk about him or say his name she thinks of the scriptures that warn about false prophets. She doesn't understand how a prophet of God isn't known by everyone in the whole world. We now know what we can study and what we can focus on to help her with this stumbling block. I was so grateful that I followed that prompting.  :) 

So, Friday my companion had to go to Lima for her visa stuff so I went with Sister Dipaz (she looks like Pocahantas) in the area Las Americas.  They share the area with the assistants. It was the first time I have worked in a different area because for intercambios, I have always stayed in my area. Teaching new people, walking new streets and everything was really just super super fun! I also loved talking in spanish the whole time. It kind of made me eager to have a cambio. 

The last and final crazy news. On Sunday our bishopric was released, and NO ONE ELSE WAS CALLED. Our ward is now under the direction and "control" of the stake president. Is that normal or crazy? No one knows why and they didn't even know. Well, the first counsellor didn't know. We have ward council this week and I am very eager to see how things go. 

I was reading Preach my Gospel this morning and I found something I wrote a while ago about diligence. I said think about how hard it is to swim slowly on purpose. It isn't fun! It's the same with work. Everything just goes better if you are trying to be better and work harder! 

Also, I studied the difference between compassion and charity, which was awesome. But I have no time to explain, so look them up some time.

Love you all!
Hermana Pilling
Las Americas, isn't it beautiful!
Garbage duty in Chiclayo
Making our bowling ball
Cute quote from Sister Layton
Wet shirt for the heat and mummy sheets for the bugs
Wet scarf turban and sweaty neck

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