Monday, February 23, 2015

We Moved!

Hi Family,

Another great week!  Tuesday we had new ward council with the stake president and counselor and things are going to get better. They are really going to help the ward out and I am kind of jealous. 

Wednesday we had intercambios and I went to Chiclayo Central with Sister Gonzales from Bolivia. She's 26 years old. hehehe I am just so young. She's also really short. 

Thursday we taught Paula, a new oldie that is just GOLDEN. hahaha I love her to death. She's progressing well. Recently her son got in an accident. He drives buses from here to Lima and got hit by another big truck and was the only one to die. 

Friday we taught Margarita. We found out last week that her doubts were in Joseph Smith. This week we just asked more questions really trying to get to know what it is that is holding her back. I asked her if what we are teaching her harms her and she said "Well I actually start to feel bad when you talk about Joseph Smith or modern day prophets."  Wellll... I left and cried. My companion and I both just felt like it's time to leave her be. She is not ready and is not interested either. She's not putting in her part. It's sad, she's really amazing and I love her so much. !!!

Saturday we taught some of my favorites; Elizabeth, the convert from back in September who is just fantastic and so devoted and CONVERTED.  Also Liz and Piero who will literally be my friends for forever. I love them to death. We gave them the talk by James E. Faust about forgiveness when he tells the story of the Amish people. I hope it will help them with some of their personal problems they have. They are awesome. Also, in the morning. WE MOVED! Our new room is much nicer, but smaller.  We live "with" the bishop and the stake patriarch so that's awesome. They are great families and we are happy. I was sweating so so so so much though during the move.  The elders that were with us asked me if I got my head wet in the shower.... I didn't. I SWEAT SO MUCH. thanks mom and dad :)

Sunday was another awesome Sunday. I felt the spirit so many times. I love the gospel so so so so much! 

We have started to study in preach my gospel about Christlike Attributes. We started with Faith!  It says that faith is NOT doubting and NOT fearing. Then I realized that SO many times throughout the day I say "I doubt it." or "I doubt she'll be home" or something like that. Or I will say, "Oh I am scared to teach them." or "I am too scared to invite them."  And THAT is not good.  So this week I am going to work on avoiding saying those things. I am praying a lot for faith these days. I liked Hebrews 1:11- read the footnotes. And also bible dictionary about Faith. It's so great, and the church is true! 

I got Leah's package and everything is great. The frankensence is working mom! :) Thanks so much!


Hermana Pilling
This is Clair's old room.  I'm not sure why they call it a room and not an apartment.  I think it might literally just be a room. 
Clair really enjoys her yogurt drinks!

Clair with her "daughter".

Bancarios, a rich neighborhood we love.

All sweaty from their move

Their new room!  She says it's nicer.

A picture with Angela

Liz and her kids

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