Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Stand as a Witness

Okay so I don't have time, but also nothing really happened this week so that's okay. 

This week our 2 less actives, Narcissa and Lucho, they aren't related, 2 separate families, told us how much they love us and are grateful for our patience and diligence to help them remember their testimonies.  It was great because I have been feeling like I haven't done anything and they just said that I did do something! :0 So, awesome! 

Then on Saturday, a member in our ward has a grand-daughter, Stephany, who got her mission call! She always accompanies us, and we went to watch her open it. I remember the day I opened mine like it was yesterday, but it was 13 months ago! She is going to Bolivia La Paz and she is so nervous. She's really awesome though.  I consider her one of my best friends :) 

Sunday was such a spiritual day for me. We sang I Stand All Amazed for the sacrament hymn and I was crying the whole time just full of the spirit, thinking about what Christ did for me. Then Ana Teresa bore her testimony. This hermana has been like a mom to me. She is so amazing and calls me her little princess.  She bore her testimony and it was just so powerful.  I am so grateful that I stand with MILLIONS of members as a witness of the truthfulness of the gospel. Then Lucho, our cute little less active, got up and bore his testimony. As soon as he stood I started crying. The gospel has worked such a mighty change in his heart. His testimony of Christ was so powerful and he has so much faith and he is just fantastic. Then we ended by singing We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet and that was just so great. I can't sing that song without tearing up. I love our prophet and the fact that God has given us one. I was just an emotional wreck! hahaha It was a very good Sunday for me. 

Okay now about my studies this week:
We studied charity, knowledge, and patience. 
Charity: Matthew 22:36-39   Matthew 19:16-26  Moroni 7:45-48   I am convinced that Charity is key to being happy in this life. 
Knowledge: D&C88:118     D&C 131:6   I love learning and I love learning in the mission. It's just basically the best ever. 
Patience:  Alma 32:41-43    Romans 5:3-5    Romans 8:24-25    The biggest part that stood out to me was just thinking about the patience that Christ had, the patience God has for me and my weaknesses, and the patience I should have for other people and for myself. 

Also, in "Our Search for Happiness" on page 114 it says, 
"Knowing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ affects every major decision you make and alters the course of your life because it opens your eyes to new perspectives and insights - especially with regards to your eternal potential - while filling your heart with new feelings and your mind with new understanding. But this takes place ONLY WHEN YOU REALLY SINCERELY BELIEVE in Jesus Christ and His Gospel." 

I just love this and really thinking about my conversion and how the gospel has changed me and how it has changed the lives of my converts and the less actives here in 9 de octubre. The Gospel is true. Christ lives and He loves YOU. 

So this is probably my last week in 9 de octubre unless I don't have transfers.... well only God knows. 

Love you all! 

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