Monday, March 23, 2015

Pretty Awesome Week

A little about my new area:

My pensionista:  her name is Yovanni and she cooks so well! She's been a pensionista for 10 years so she's got it down. All for sisters too. She gives little portions and everything is healthy and I have learned to like onions and tomatoes just plain. That is called a salad here. So weird. She is also so funny and so loving!

Our room: it is massive! Our bunkbed squeaks like crazy and that is annoying. I am on the top bunk. We are on the 2nd floor which is nice- no cockroaches :) In the mornings we go running in the park for 1/2 hour. It's the best. 

My companion: she is honestly so great. She is chill like Lyssa steed, super chill. And always has the most adventurous ideas. For example, she wants to become left handed so she's started by eating with her left hand always. Just so random and awesome. She's so so great and I love her. I am learning so much from her and I am so grateful for her. I haven't even thought once about the fact that I am not with a Latina, it doesn't bother me. I have so much fun and I am so happy and I know I need to be with her. :) 

The area: super rich. Wow. For peruvians at least hahaha. It was one of the first wards in Peru and quite a few of the members have been here for a long time. The attendance is good and everything but it is hard to find people willing to listen because they are rich AND catholic. Worst combo. hahaha. Since Christmas, the sisters have had some complications here with sicknesses and emergency changes and such as so we are basically starting over.  Hermana Waite and I are having lots of success! We are definitely seeing miracles in some lives of the investigators. It's such a blessing. The bugs love me! And this week it has rained a lot so the bugs are even worse. They don't just itch but they STING. So I called Hermana Williams and she looked at them and said because I know I have sensitive skin, it could be for that reason so we bought a cream, which is  STEROID. But it totally works and I feel much better... until the next morning when I wake up with 5 more at least. They just LOVE me. What can I say, I have sweet blood?

So in our district meeting I got a package from Tyler! What a surprise! But it didn't have an address or anything... so I opened it, and it was a package he sent with the companion he had from Chiclayo and it got to the office in AUGUST. Right when I got here from the MTC.  The elders are just classic elders and "they forgot" or something. Dumbies. But hey, I got it :) hahaha

Today we went to a shoemaker in our ward and he's going to make us some sandals and he's going to make me my scripture cases :) I am so so so so excited!

Also, in my scripture study one day this week I studied in Alma 32. I have always thought this is the chapter about the seed, and it is but, there is more to it than that!

In verses 1-16 it talks about being poor in heart and being humble. On Sunday a member talked about how many people think only the poor financially can be humble. But that is a lie. And it is!  In verses 21-27, it talks about how faith is not a perfect knowledge, because it is not that at all.  Verses 28-36 talk about "faith is like a little seed."  And verses 37-43 talk about how the seed grows to be a tree but it requires faith, patience, and diligence. I think that is the greatest blessing about a mission is that I planted my little seed of faith, my little testimony, but with the environment and lifestyle of the mission, I have been able to cultivate that seed with patience and diligence.  It has grown and it is now a young tree.  I hope one day it will be a tall strong tree, but who knows. :) 

So that is my week. Pretty awesome hey?
I love you all so much. 
Read your scriptures. 
Say your prayers. 
Keep the faith. 

Hermana Pilling

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