Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Week in My Home Ward

It literally feels like I just got my mission call and I am leaving my home ward. But I just have changes is all. 

This week was possibly the best week I have had in all my 7 months here. I don't even know why for sure. My companion and I have only had more and more unity and more and more success. Out of all of our appointments this week, I think only 5 fell through, maybe less. I don't even know, but it was such a good week. I felt the spirt so strong in every lesson and I was just so grateful to be a missionary! 

We had a lesson with Paula, the 70 year old widow who I also just LOVE and she accepted a fecha to be baptized the 4th of april! Unfortunately I will not be here. Afterwards Hermana McCally said, how sad are you that you won't be here? And I said I honestly am not sad, I know that I have said something by the spirit to bring her to this point and I know that you will be here to help her make it to that date and I am very happy to have gotten to know her. I honestly am just SO GRATEFUL. 

Being so busy only made the week fly by even faster. But seriously, it FLEW. All of a sudden it was Sunday morning and I was at church.  Then at 7:00 we got the call about changes and I am leaving and I cried and here we are! 

In my 7 months in the field, because it's nearly exactly 7 months, I have learned: 
-the importance of using the scriptures in the lessons 
-the importance of the spirit in everything I do as a missionary
-how to teach a lesson
-how to listen to the spirit to ask inspired questions
-it's possible to have fun on the mission
-Peru is smelly and dusty but absolutely the best
-I love old people
-I love the gospel
-I love the Lord
-prayer is the easiest way to feel the Savior's love when we feel alone
-I would die if I didn't have a companion
-every companionship is inspired
-President Williams and his wife are the bomb dot com
-I am blond
-the Book of Mormon is probably the coolest story ever
-I love my family 
-lots of people love and pray for me every day
-a smile can make ALL the difference
-I don't like a meal called "arroz con pollo" which is chicken with rice, but it's green and I don't like it. 

Well, tomorrow I will find out who my companion will be. I will find out where I am going, which means I will find out if I am staying in this mission or going to the other one (which is sad and scary). Tonight I am saying bye to my beloved families here in 9 de Octubre and I am preparing myself little by little. Also, I feel very calm and peaceful. The church is true. 


Hermana Pilling

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