Monday, March 16, 2015

Second Area

to San Felipe with Hermana Waite. I have another North American Companion. She's from Arizona. She's 20, she has been here for 11 months. She reminds me a lot of Alyssa Sheen, super chill and super sweet and I just always laugh. At her. hahaha But we have fun. She was in my old zone for 3 transfers with me so we are friends, more or less.

Monday night I said good bye. My pensionista's daughter wasn't in town so she didn't do a goodbye party thing and I only had 2 hours to literally say bye to the whole ward, which is impossible. So I didn't. hahaha I only visited a couple and it was sad. I didn't cry until we finished saying bye to the first family and they turned and shut the door. They were all crying too. But I just realized I may never be on that street again. How sad is that? Really sad. hahaha But everyone had really nice things to say about my influence, testimony, smile, personality, and how I have helped them. It was nice. President said, "You are a great missionary and have done a montón of good in 9 de octubre... time to take your talents elsewhere!!"

So, it is WAY HOTTER HERE. I don't know why. There isn't much shade and I just have been getting burned and it literally looks like I have wet hair all day because I do because of the sweat. I am just nasty. Also, the bugs just love me. My legs have completely been attacked, it's awful! They hurt though. So Hermana Williams has me using stuff for infection and it is working. Apparently it's common because of the gross water here.

I love my pensionista so much. She's so great. She cooks really well and doesn't give us a mountain of food, which I like a lot.  The Ward/area is a really rich area but also has poor parts, but like the RICHHHH's craziness. I will explain in a hand written letter.

To explain the pday thing, we can't leave our zone for pdays.  We can't do zone activities, and so basically that doesn't leave us with anything. So pdays are super chill. There is even less to do in this new zone so we will see. We can hang with Sister Williams though, so we will probably do that... at least some times. Like today, we came so Hermana Waite could finish her skirt she started and I just asked sister Williams a bunch of questions. I am so happy to be in her Ward. I hope I can keep a good relationship going with her, she's fantastic.

Sister Williams (mission mom) and Sister Waite sewing on p-day

Well, I love you guys so much and I hope everything is just FANTASTIC.

When I was studying the atonement this week, Sister Waite said that Brad Wilcox said, "We all believe in Christ but do we really believe Him?" He was referring to the atonement and its power and how we should believe him when he says we are forgiven and stuff like that. It's good. I love the gospel.

I also love the mission, and my companion. Who knows why I don't have a latina companion yet. But I do know we need each other.
I love you :)

Hermana Pilling

Pensionista's birthday!

Sister Waite and some weird fruit.

The view of Chiclayo from President and Sister William's home.

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