Monday, September 29, 2014

Companion Number 2

Wow I don't have any time at all but I have mucho to tell you. Ugh. 

Okay, so saying goodbye to Hermana Norton was killer hard and way harder than I expected. I spent Monday with a Latina from Honduras, our sister leader.  And she is so nice and it was a huge confidence builder. We talked the whole day and she understood me and I understood her and we laughed and I love her a lot a lot. Then we had changes Tuesday morning.  I have a north american again, which is a little bummy. Her name is Sister Brito. She only has 2 changes left, 3 months and will be home for Christmas. She has had 10 companions, I'm her 7th white one, so her spanish is very gringo. She is nice and all but has had a hard time with President Williams and all of his changes.  I'm trying to be positive and remind her that it's the Lord's work and we don't need to do crazy zone activities every week and things like that. We are getting along just fine but nothing like a lasting friendship, yet. 

Jacob 4:12. ya!!!!!!!! Why not? Just learn more about the gospel, do research, learn, feast upon the words. 

We eat sooooooo much rice.

There are country wide elections this weekend so no one is allowed to have services or anything so we can't watch general conference :( I am so so so so bummed. I won't be able to understand most of it anyways but it's still a bummer. 

I miss you all and we're just heading into spring here and it's HOT and I'm always wet and it's gross. 

I have zero time left. I love you all and I appreciate your prayers!

Hermana Pilling

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