Monday, October 20, 2014

It's a Great Life Out Here in Peru

I am close to the mission home now but I don't know if I'll be transferred the 4th of November or not. If I'm not, then I'll be here for Christmas, which would be a huge blessing and a dream come true.  If I do transfer the 4th for some reason, dang. I'll be sad. 

Yes that is true, the missionaries are in the populated areas to make stronger wards and stakes before opening new areas. Also if I come back to visit/if you guys come to pick me up you are staying at the hotel "Casa Andina Select" because that's where our pensionista's daughter works, who is amazing. We went today to check it out and it's nice and that's where the general authorities and the area 70's stay. So ya, Google it. 

My shoes are doing awesome. It's crazy how much of a difference these comfortable shoes make. They're the best ever! I never want to wear crappers ever again. Also, I am lacking skirts majorly. The navy with polkadots from the reversible skirts, lds sister missionary, is the best. I wear it probably 5 times a week. hahahaha 

We are working with all sorts of people. Variety is the spice of life! We are almost done reteaching the lessons to a less active family. They are so great. We are going to be friends for life. And we are teaching a young couple with 2 kids that are BLONDE because of their grandparents. They are Liz who is 27 and Piero who is 24 and they aren't married. There are couples that have been together for over 30 years and aren't married in any way. It causes problems when we get to the law of chastity lesson hahaha. But these 2, we shared the proclamation to the family and without us saying anything they said so we need to get married huh, and they are going to pray about that.  They have family prayers together and they showed up to church without even telling us they could or would come.  I cried when they walked in. They are so great and have the desire and everything. If they can get married soon I will be so so happy! They also will be my friends for life! My one convert, Hermana Elizabeth, is in the hospital. She has tumors in her liver? I think that's what they're saying. I don't really know. So today we went to visit her and I was so saddened by the conditions of the hospital. Holy cow!  Elizabeth can't afford the drugs and so she has been in a lot of pain. I think the church is going to help her out now. She also needs surgery to remove part of her liver maybe. There have been complications so ya.  We went to the hospital and she starting reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning the day she got baptized, August 17, and she is in DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS! section 11. She is amazing. She has so much faith.  She is my grandma out here. Well, one of my 3. I have lots of grandma's in Peru. :)

We were visiting the aunt of Piero and she is less active. Her son is the young men's president, 24 years old.  We were talking about temples and I said, "It's a great goal. I want to be sealed in the temple and have an eternal family." Then she said I need to come back here to be sealed in Lima TO HER SON STEVEN. It was a tad embarrassing. It's the second time a mother has done that. I don't think it will be the last time either. 

We had interviews with president this week: he is SO FANTASTIC and I love him so much. And he loves me too. It's going to be sad to leave in 14 months. He is so inspiring and motivating. ahhhhh he is the best. 


Well. I love you guys so much and I think about you guys every once and a while. It's a great life out here in Peru. I love every second of it! Kind of! :) 

Hermana Pilling

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