Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The heat...

(So Clair put this as the subject line of her email, "the heat..." And then she never talked about the heat.  I guess it's hot there.)

Okay. So I work hard, obviously. And I'm so tired at night that I have some PRETTY interesting journal entries! I can't wait to share them with you all. 

So I have been writing down my dreams, the ones that I can remember, and I have some crazy dreams.. one night this week I had a dream that I got shot in the leg. I woke up and my leg actually hurt... I had a cramp or whatever and my leg hurt so bad. It was my calf. I actually started crying I think. And then when I woke up with the alarm it still hurt and todo el dia I had pain in my calf... so random. 

Also.... I locked our keys in our room.... hahahahaha. It's not funny but it's a little bit funny. I was able to laugh about it and we made it work to get back in... oh the adventures.

Saturday and Sundays are party days here.  But the parties are in the streets. And they are literally 24 hours at least. So we don't get much sleep on the weekends and we can't find very many people to teach on the weekends because everyone is drinking. It makes the weekends really really hard.! 

So we are teaching this... senorita. She is amazing. Her name is Lola and she is 81 years old. I don't know if I have told you about her yet, but she is so amazing. We were teaching them this week and her grandchildren literally asked us when they could be baptized and we have a new rule that we can't baptize if they are under the age of 18 unless they have a parent that is a member too... so we had to say no... it's complicated. Anyways, we were teaching them and talking about the holy ghost and how it feels and Lola said, "I feel really calm and peaceful, or I guess I feel the spirit more when you guys are with us"... I cried! That is the first time that anyone has said they've felt the spirit with me! yay! I just love these people!

On Thursday we had a Conference with ELDER WADDELL from the first Quorum of the 70.  It was all day and it was totally fantastic! He talked about the What, Why and How of missionary work. Sister Williams talked about how we need to use the atonement in our lives. and President Williams talked about recognizing the spirit. It was a great day! Elder Waddell was pretty blunt and straight forward and it would've been easy to be discouraged but it only motivated me! It was so awesome and I just love the mission so so sos os so so sos sosososososo sos os so so so sos much! 

There is a chance that I will have changes next week.  If I do... I am going to cry. But it will also be okay because I have had my prayer with Heavenly Father and I trust that He knows what I can handle and what I need and He also knows that I will do whatever He asks of me. I am anxious though!!!

President always reads our letters to him and he replies and he usually copies and pastes a part of my letter and then says, so true, or you're great. This week he said, 
"I am finding that my "joy is full" as a missionary because the church is true and I am doing great things to bring this truth and happiness to those in my area and I am so happy to be able to help my investigators understand the gospel" Wow... that is so true! What a great statement! 

I love president so much. 
I love the mission so much. 
I love you so much!

Until next week
Hermana Pilling

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