Monday, December 8, 2014

I Dyed My Hair

YES I REALLY DID.  You probably won't believe me 'til I send pictures home, but I can't send photos on these darn computers... so ya. 

A run down of the week:
Monday was so so great.  We got so much done for p-day, I got my packages, we had good lessons and it was awesome!

Tuesday we taught an atheist. It's hard. It's like walking on egg shells, but I think next time we are going to use our authority and remember our purpose as representatives of Jesus Christ. It was a very good day as well.  Lots of lessons and contacts and smiles and laughs. 

Wednesday all our lessons were with less actives.  It's fun to work with less actives because you can be a little bold and say "you know this is true",  but it's hard because they're usually inactive for a reason, like stupid ward drama or they got prideful and that's a little difficult to fix.  But all things are possible. 

Thursday we had quite a few lessons as well... a couple good ones and a couple okay ones. We are teaching a girl whose dad owns a panaderia, like a bread store, and her little nephew who is 8 always comes home from school when we are about to finish and pray.  He has a big personality.  He is in LOVE with me. He peeks around the corner and sees that we are there and comes running in and going off about how we are beautiful and pretty and then the said, "with all due respect I want to tell you two that you are more beautiful than any other girls I have ever seen and I want to go out with someone like you.  Can I get a picture with you guys?"  And without even us saying anything he runs and throws himself on us and his mom snaps pictures.  Then he serenades us with a song about how he doesn't want the taste of candy or cookies or cake or carmel but the taste of my ilps.... yes this yougster is 8.  His name is Manuel. hahaha .Well|! I go red every time. hahaha

Friday we had our zone training and it was really good but really really hard for me to hear.. it made me discouraged.  The zone leaders shared the numbers of someone in our zone and if I were to compare.... which I obviously don't do... it would seem that we aren't doing anything all day.  And just all this other stuff.  It all built up and I just felt like I haven't done anything good for the ward and we work so so so so hard and people aren't there and it's so hot and we walk so much and the food is just so not satisfying for the taste buds... but what can you do? Sister Brito helped me out a lot and reminded me of my many talents and how much we have improved together and how I have improved as a missionary.  I felt better.  The rest of the day no one was home. We literally had 1 lesson.  That just topped off the day with a lovely fat juicy anchovie or something else gross. ugh. 

Saturday was hard. No one was home again. The weekends are very difficult.  Everyone has parties and there are lots of people drinking.  Me being blonde made it worse and we had quite a few encounters with drunks. 

Sunday was okay. It's a little more dangerous on Sunday and we have to be picky with where we go when our lessons fall. But we went to the Christmas devotional which was really good! Its all in spanish but the music is obviously in english. such a blessing. 

Okay Christmas.... 
December 25th is p-day and I can call you for 30 to 40 minutes. There isn't anywhere in my area with cameras and everyone says that skype downtown ins't worth it because everyone else is on the internet too. So it looks like we will have a 30 minute phone call.... I can call you before to set up a time, probably Christmas Eve.  At first I was really disappointed, especially because my comp is going to be with her family for Christmas and I won't even see you guys.  Also because so many other missionaries talk for a long time.  But I know that Heavenly Father will bless me and you guys. President is all about obedience.

I love you guys so much and I have to go now.  Pray for me to have patience and to be dilligent and for Liz and Piero to get married. 

Love and miss you all!
Hermana Pilling

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