Monday, December 22, 2014


***This is Clair's email from last week.  We were on a cruise and didn't have internet, so it didn't get posted until now.  I was waiting to get today's email so I could post them together, but we didn't get an email today.  I guess that's because we get to talk to her on Thursday!

So, to answer your questions:  I dyed my hair because I ran out of my blonde shampoo ahhaha.  It's still blonde but darker blonde and I love it so much! It was quite the adventure. 

Christmas eve is the big party here. They stay up and eat a huge dinner at midnight and open gifts and then sleep all day the 25th. We have to be in our rooms at 9 at night but we can wake up whenever on Christmas day.  I'm assuming that's because no one will sleep with the parties and everything. So we have some families that have said they want us to stop by, we want to still have lessons, if possible but it´s hard.  And everyone drinks and that is dangerous for a gringa. WHAT TIME ARE WE GOING TO CALL ON CHRISTMAS DAY?  I am going to call you on Christmas eve to plan.

Almost all of the pictures I have taken I'm in that dress from Superstore. That dress is the best! I wish they had different patterns, it´s so great. I was lacking some clothes but Hermana Brito left me all her clothes so I have more now :) She left me her Jody dresses, so nice of her. So that's awesome as well!

I sent Auburn a letter, to the mission.  I hope she gets it soon. I sent like 10 letters last week from the post office. hahahaha. I also sent a little package with Sister Brito. She is going to take it to Leah, she's from Riverton and it has some gifts for the Tullis´s and some gifts for you guys.  I don´t know when you will get it though!

It´s crazy to think I've been gone for 5 1/2 months. I have officially been in my area for 4 months now and I love it. I just love the mission. Time flies when you are having fun but it flies even faster when you are serving the Lord. 

We got transfer calls right in the middle of Sister Brito´s goodbye party thing and...... 


I still don´t believe it. It´s completely crazy to me, but I am excited.  Also, Hermana Wood, that girl that you met in Waterton, she comes to Chiclayo tomorrow so I get to see her, maybe train her.-.... ahhh! 

Well I will talk to you guys in 10 days! I am super excited! I just hope we can figure it all out so it goes smoothly. 

All my love,

Hermana Pilling

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