Monday, December 1, 2014

Monkeys and Llamas

First off, I am going to send my package for you guys to Leah because my companion is amazing and will take it to her. I don´t know when you guys will get it though. 

I got your Christmas package!  I also got one from Grams and one from Papa and Cody.

This week we worked on contacting A LOT of people and met some interesting ones.... we met a man who believes there is nothing after life.  You die and that´s all!  He´s catholic.... I don´t understand how every catholic believes something different.  We met an atheist.  She has investigated many churches but has come to the conclusion that no one needs God to be happy in this life. It was really sad. But she has ancestors from China, Arabia, Peru, and Spain.  Literally all over the world. So we talked to her about family history and we are going back to teach her! Wé´ll see if we can help her out. 

We met a 22 yr old total hippy, really in tune with his inner soul... he believes that Christ was a really awesome person full of love but nothing else. Just really great but a normal human being.  Wowzers!

The elders from the other ward that meet in our building told us there is a member in their ward who has seen us every week and she just really wanted to share her testimony with us.  So we went over and crossed lines (ahhhh!) and met her.  She hasn´t had any legs since she was 2 years old. She´s been a member for 5 years and is the most faithful member besides the bishop. She´s about 60 years old but has a joyful spirit of a.... younger person. She´s super super special and awesome.

On Saturdays and Sundays we eat with the members and it´s the worst.... they give us a very overly large amount of rice and usually fried fish. and beans. But, on Saturday we ate with our pensionista. It was her family´s turn to feed us and we ate.... CRISPY CHICKEN FROM MCDONALD´S! WAHOOOOOOO! Real human food. hahaha. It was delicious.

Hermana Brito had to do some things to finalize her papers with her visa so she can go home in 2 weeks and it made it really real that´s she´s leaving me. :( It´s sad! I don´t like killing companions!

Our district leader is totally awesome!!!!!! He´s pushing us and helping us trust in the Lord to do this work. It´s so great. I am just so happy to be a missionary and to be here in Peru. 

Okay, so now about the monkey and the llama.  The granddaughter of Hermana Lola who just got baptized was visiting her. She´s old though. Well... 45. That´s not old Mom and Dad. Sorry. She was having heart problems so she went and bought a monkey!  When they are babies they are the size of a finger... just like the cute pinterest pictures. And she kept it...under her shirt next to her chest and it just hung out.  She hasn´t had a single health issue! She named it and it has an identity card and his name is Martin Farfan and he has cologne and a towel and shampoo and is basically human and is a part of the family! She´s had him for 5 years and he´s now fully grown, about the size of a hand + a long tail. 

Today is pday and we went to the center to shop and there was a llama in the road! Just hanging out with his owner! He was all dressed up and everything!  His name was Antonio.... but we couldn´t take photos because... the owner was just weird. But ya!

That´s the life of a missionary for ya. It´s been awesomely great and not so awesomely hot but I am alive and smiling and doing well! 

I love you all!

hermana pilling

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