Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Missions are actually fun!

Buenas tardes familia y amigas! 
Mom- 3rd john 1:2,4,5 

Okay! Como estan?

So this week we were a little pre-occupied with the preparation of Hermana Lola for her baptism on Sunday. We visited her every day and worked a lot with her. She's the olddie-81 year old and just a sweetypoopie. She has all sorts of illnesses but so much faith. She came out of the water and we asked her, ¨Como se siente?¨ and she said, ¨Rico!¨ which is super cool. It probably doesn't translate properly, but it was cool. Then she gave us these hugs, so great! Just this big squeeze, really impressive for an 81 year old. 

Also, Hermana Elizabeth, my other convert, she is in the hospital. She had surgery finally and it all went well and then 2 days after it got REALLY bad. She isn't doing well and we are going to go see her today. I hope that she is okay. It's a good thing she is such a strong and faithful old lady as well because this is a tough trial for her. Her son lives like 2 minutes from the hospital and won't go visit her and only the relief society president is visiting her from our ward.  It's just super super super sad. I feel so bad. 

This week.... well I don't know! One of the families we teach got a turtle.  It's tiny right now but it's supposed to be huge! They got it to eat the flies or something. So during the lesson I just held it and we hung out and I love the little guy! I have decided turtles are great pets because you can watch them swim but you can also hold them and they're adorable! It's perfection! 
Uhmmm... que mas. 

Everyone here is getting really excited for Christmas. They make hot chocolate-and yes it is HOT even though it is HOT outside- and these things called empanadas de globo which was DELISH. And I'm getting excited too! But I completely forgot that I am going to talk to you guys! Wow! I forgot!
Also, my companion is not trunky at all.  It's so fun. We are just 2 silly girlies. But she's so old as well. She's 22 1/2 and I'm little baby 19 1/2. But we have so much fun. My face actually hurts from laughing and smiling today! 

Well ya. 
Until next week peeps,

Hermana Pilling

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