Monday, July 20, 2015

New Area, New Companion

So about 4 weeks ago when we ate with President to celebrate my one year, he warned Hermana Wood and I to be preparing ourselves for bigger assignments because 9 Hermanas were leaving and 8 were coming in. Those that were leaving were the good sisters, like trainers and sister leaders. So when we found out I had transfers we just flipped. We would tell the members and they all said I'd be sister leader and Hermana Wood would be training. 

I packed everything up and then we headed out to say the goodbyes. I couldn't say bye to everyone so I chose these 3 families. I don't have time to explain their stories, but it was hard saying goodbye to them all.  When we walked out of Guillermo and Jayde's house, I just started sobbing and I looked back, which is never good... I love that family SO much. 

So then Tuesday morning we get to the change meeting and we are all sitting around. There were hardly any of us because the mission is so much smaller now. President studied Alma 7 with us and then they moved on to the presentation. The newbies all get up and say their names and there were missionaries from the Dominican Republic, Tonga, Utah, Chile, Paraguay, Columbia, Peru and Argentina. So they show a powerpoint. The first sister is up and it shows her country and her temple and her pic and then her trainer's country. It was CANADA. Hermana Wood and I both freaked and everyone was teasing more at Hermana Wood and then it shows the Cardston temple and we both just looked at each other... and then it said FROM DEWINTON ALBERTA AND MY PICTURE SHOWED UP! I AM TRAINING AGAIN.  So I ran over to my little hija who is actually the same height as me and hugged her and then I waited to see what area we were going to, because we had to be opening an area, and WE ARE IN JAÉN! We are in downtown Jaén to be precise. So I sat down and was just freaking out. Hermana Wood is with a latina also who will be finishing this transfer. 
Okay, now about my companion. SHE'S FROM CHILE! I finally have a latina companion and she is also my daughter, it's sweet. There are 32 sisters in the mission now, 16 latinas and 16 gringas. Pretty cool. 

We stayed in the office, ate pizza, she had her interview, relaxed, and at 3 we left for the bus. We then travelled 7 hours to get here to Jaén. Jaén is HOT and it is always that way. hahaha We are in the downtown of Jaen which is interesting! Very different from every other area I have had and everything is HILLS. So many hills. We walk like 4 miles a day at least with like 25 flights of stairs, according to the fitbit. But it's so pretty. I really do like it. I'm just always wet from sweat and it drains energy really really fast. But hey, what can you do?

I don't really like the heat. Well it's okay I guess. I just can't sleep and it drains my energy and I'm constantly sweating. I feel like if I didn't have this awful sweating problem it would be okay but with the genes my parents gave me, I sweat a lot. BUT I know that I'm here for a reason. I absolutely love my companion. President, you received some good inspiration for this one. We are going to do some great things and be best friends. It's amazing. I love training! This is literally exactly what I needed right now to keep me motivated and remind me of my many weaknesses to keep improving. I am so excited! 

So the ward is good, the area is good too. It's weird being in the downtown part but we are learning. It is nice having willing members to show us around. The area book wasn't kept up super well so we are struggling with investigators and stuff, but that will come with time. 

Seriously, my companion is amazing. We are going to do some amazing things here, I can just feel it. I feel so blessed to be here and I am SO HAPPY

The church is so true and I love you all!


Hermana Pilling

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