Monday, August 3, 2015

Arms far stronger than your own

Hi everyone,

I'm a little crazy this week.  I'll explain in a bit.  First,  I want to share these 2 quotes that have meant a lot to me this week. 

"You have a brother watching over you, ready to rescue you and advance your service with arms far stronger than your arms... those arms are there to sustain you and to bless you in every time of trouble, no matter how alone or discouraged you may feel." 

"Like Joseph Smith you need not lead a perfect life in order to be a powerful instrument in God´s hands..."

Those are quotes from a talk in the Liahona for July 2015

Also, we are helpless without the atonement of Jesus Christ (from Preach My Gospel).

Okay, the reasons I am so crazy this week, ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING THE 29TH OF AUGUST TO SPEAK TO US AND I AM SO SO EXCITED. Because of that I have had to look for some talks we have been asked to study and print them off, leaving me with little time. 

Some great news though, LIZ AND PIERO GOT MARRIED AND BAPTIZED which is just the most exciting thing ever.  Honestly. I am so so so excited for them!

This week we had interviews with President and Sister Williams and they helped me a lot and both listened and gave me advice for my decision about university after. 

Well I love the mission. I am so grateful for prayer. This week I have had some very powerful moments with my Savior and and my Heavenly Father and He has responded INSTANTLY.

Sorry it's so lame.

Oh, my comp always says I am crazy. It is true}

Love you all,

Hermana Pilling

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