Monday, August 17, 2015

Marriage, faith, and guinea pig...

Nothing too exciting to share with you this week.  But here's an update.

Tuesday: we are teaching a couple named Robert and Mily. They aren't married and it's a sin. hahaha We talked about that most of the time. We said to them that this is a sin, God isn't happy, and they're breaking commandments, (obviously with more love than that) and they just laughed and then I said, okay, that´s enough. I read in Alma 39 verse 5 and they both shut right up. hahahah I love the power of the scriptures. I was able to testify after and they both said they would talk about it. Later that week we went back and they had talked about it. She is a little hesitant but they both want to get married for the right reasons, for their 4 year old son, to not live in sin, to move forward with life, etc. I love them a lot.

Wednesday we travelled. We were in a really nice bus with air conditioning. HALLELUJAH and we got there at like 7:30. The assistants said Hermana Avila and I were going to stay in SAN FELIPE, my old area and I was so exited. So Hermana Wood came and hugged me and started crying. It's been hard for her. It was nice to spend time with her and to see my pensionista again. Hermana Wood said that in her interview she told president it wasn't fair to take me from her and then give her her current companion. Her current comp is great, I know her. but she isn't me :) and she is the exact opposite of Hermana Wood. Sometimes companions are hard, but this is the mission.  I hope I helped her stay motivated. 

Thursday we had the multizone conference. President talked about faith and how we all now have the goal for one baptism every month. I'm scared, but that means I don't have faith. God is on the other side working away, preparing the hearts of these little guys and if I have the faith, He will push the prepared investigators our way and straight to the baptismal font. We studied the 3 Elder Bednar talks together and then Hermana Williams talked about beware of pride. It was a great conference.

There is no time left.  Sorry! I love you all and appreciate your prayers and support.

Hermana Williams

P.S. I ate guinea pig

It rained and got so dark!

Yes, this is an avocado and yes, I'm smiling because I love avocado now.

This is a gross drink down here.  I don't like it at all!

A rice field we passed on our journey to Chiclayo

Classic Peruvian homes

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