Monday, October 19, 2015

We Overcome Our Fears by Facing Them

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This week we did intercambios with Hermana Leiataua and Hermana Esquivel. I was here in La Victoria with Hermana Leiataua. She said the hardest thing has been the language, mostly the language barrier between her and her companion because she can't express how she feels about the teaching methods etc. but she is doing well. She is out here with good intentions. 

We taught an FHE on Monday about testimonies and I re-learned about the power of a simple testimony. A testimony is the truths that one knows by the power of the spirit. I have realized that a testimony is a gift that we are given and we must protect it. I have also learned that it is a talent and we must share it to develop it. One of the scriptures that motivated me to come on a mission was D&C 60:2 (it's about not hiding our talents).

Tuesday we picked up Hermana Monson and Hermana Hebdon because they came down from Jaen for our conferences with Elder Uceda. The four of us stayed in our room and it was soooo fun. Hermana Monson and I are the only 2 going home on December 17th, it's weird. 

So Wednesday from 8-3:30 and then from 6-9 we were with Elder Uceda. I learned so much and there just simply isn`t time to share but his theme was, we overcome our fears by facing them. I learned so much, and the spirit taught me a lot.  Even though I really enjoyed the time spent with Elder Uceda, I left feeling a little discouraged because I just felt like I need to improve so much.  I talked to my companion about it and she is the best and helped me talk through all my fears and worries.  We talked about setting goals and plans to be able to improve and put in practice the teachings of Elder Uceda. I am excited!

A thought I had.... all future missionaries... including and especially my dear brother, you will learn to be a good missionary only after coming to the mission and being a missionary. It comes with practice. So don´t stress about being super prepared before. Do your best to prepare and then have faith and trust that the Lord will help you. 

Anyways, my comp is the best at helping me set goals and helping me improve. She listens and understands. We have so much fun together... but I think I say that about every companion. hahaha. Maybe I am the fun one?

So Sunday we had a miracle. We were walking our normal 'contact loop' because our appointments fell through.  We were just walking along and I was naming off the streets as we passed them to try to learn the area a little better. Then I said this is Mayta Capac. My comp said yes, good job.  We kept walking a block or two then I stopped. I said, "Hey, Elder Woolstenhulme gave us a reference for a lady here on Mayta Capac."  So we started looking for it and found that her name was Aida and she lived on Mayta Capac 1371. So we looked up to see where we were and we were right outside her house. We knocked a couple of times and she finally came out. She was a little hesitant to let us in, but finally did and we were able to share a little bit with her. She accepted the invitation to be baptized and then offered a very personal and heart felt prayer correctly. We left and as we stepped out the door I started to cry. I had goosebumps and I was so grateful for the Lord and the spiritual prompting I received in that moment. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

One lesson of a lifetime I have learned is that God loves ALL of His children. Whether we are contacting or teaching. Whether it is a less active or a recent convert or members or other missionaries; whether they are hard core catholics or atheists, I feel the love that God has for each and every one of his children. Whether I am happy or sad, praying or teaching, I always feel the love my Father in Heaven has for me. I know that he is always aware of my trials and my feelings and is always there to strengthen me when I need it most. I love my Heavenly Father. I Love my saviour Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for my knowledge that I am a daughter of God. 

Hermana Pilling

OH... my ponderize scripture for the week is Helaman 5:8

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