Monday, May 18, 2015

Guillermo's Baptism

Happy Monday everyone!

Another great week!  Monday night after pday, a photo picnic with the other Hermanas and some seriously needed relaxation, we went out to preach... and we didn't have any success at all.  We also got back to the room and realized we had forgotten our name badges.... coincidence? 

P-Day at the wall

Tuesday we had a lesson with Yenifer, who got baptized last march with Hermana Norton, my first companion, and her friend Rocio.  It was such a cool lesson. Yenifer is so converted to the gospel and has such a strong desire to share it with others.  When she testified to her friend, the spirit was so strong. It was so cool to be there and see that references really work and they are way better than just street contacting. So, if any of you have friends that are you just dying to share the gospel with, JUST DO IT and you will feel the spirit and be so blessed and your friend with be so grateful. 

Wednesday we had the multi-zone conference. more notes to follow

Thursday we went to the chapel for Guillermo's baptism interview. Elder Allgaier, our district leader, said it would be maybe 20 minutes. Ya, well they were in there for an hour and I was honestly starting to get worried but, everything is all great.  He was so excited and we asked Elder Allgaier how it went and he said Guillermo just went off a couple times about fish and politics, but that he has a lot of faith and he's going to be a good strong member.

Friday we taught Guillermo one more time as an investigator. We just reviewed everything and shared our testimonies again. He prayed and in his prayer, he said that he has never been so sure in his life about something he can't see is true. I feel the spirit more and more every time we go visit that old man. 

Saturday was his baptism. Details to follow. 

Okay so the zone meeting. First off, Hermana Williams's spanish is so good. She has improved so much. I am so proud of her :) The only Latinos she ever talks to are the missionaries on the phone when they have health problems really. She doesn't have the opportunity to leave and talk to people like we do, but she sounds great, honestly.  Hermana Williams taught about the scriptures. D&C 11:21 "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men". She talked about how we need to study the scriptures, love the scriptures, treasure the scriptures and use them in every lesson because they have the power to convince! 
She also said, "We, as missionaries and as members of the church, need to trust God. We cannot trust someone we do not know and we cannot know God if we don't study and treasure the scriptures." I too testify to that. 

Sister Williams and Sister Waite

President taught us all about Jacob chapter 5. It was AWESOME... and too much to send home.  At the end he got emotional and forgot to speak spanish, hahaha.  He said, "Thanks for hanging in there when you were all alone, and when you had 40 investigators and not a single one progressed to baptism. Thanks for hanging in there when you can't seem to find the strength to go on." It was pretty powerful. I am so grateful for president and for his wife, for there love and guidance and prayers and teachings. What would I do without them? 

Okay, now about GUILLERMO'S BAPTISM. His wife has listened to maybe 2 of our lessons. She is always really nice and participates but is Catholic, like the rest of the Peruvian world. The day before his baptism she walked in and asked us if we thought he was really prepared for baptism. We told her yes, he keeps all his commitments, he has faith, he's been to church every Sunday since the first one, and he meets all the requirements found in D &C 20:37 (I think). She left and we asked Guillermo how he felt. He said he honestly felt good. Saturday,  Guillermo and his wife, Jayde, showed up at 4:40. Our ward mission leader gave them a tour of the chapel and then they got changed. Afterwards we took photos and then started the service. The messages were great. The  four of us sister missionaries sang, which was beautiful because Sister Waite and Sister Hepdon have amazing voices, and then we went to watch the baptism.  Right before we got to the font, Guillermo's youngest daughter showed up with her boyfriend. She is 25 and her boyfriend kind of looks like Robert Downey Jr. hahaha. Anyways, he got baptized and it was all good!  Then we watched How to Find Faith in Christ while we waited.  He then shared his testimony and it was literally a perfect testimony. Sunday he was confirmed and I still feel an extra spirit with me. I am so grateful for him and his example and everything he has taught me. He also says that I look like my brother Cale. It was a great week!

Hermana Pilling

Guillermo's Baptism

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