Monday, May 25, 2015

Happiest place on earth

Today we went to the mission home and president was telling my comp and I about how he met his wife and their first date and their engagement.  Since he was an institute director he also went off about preparing for eternal marriage.  He was talking about how fun marriage was and how important it is.  It was so so so comforting because lately I have been worrying that I will get depressed when I get home. The mission is literally the happiest I have ever been in my life. I am so so so so so full of joy! But when he was talking, I just knew that getting married is so important and that I will be happy with my husband, whoever he may be... it was comforting because it was a real fear I've had lately. 
I hope I don't miss the mission a lot. I am scared about it. 

I am just so happy. I love life. Next week we will have news to see if either of us have transfers. I hope not. But we will see. 

I've seen the missionaries that are in my old area, 9 de Octuber and they say EVERYONE still asks when I am coming back or how I am or where I am serving. hahaha My converts are doing good. Elizabeth, the first one that is 67, leaves to accompany the sisters to some of their lessons and said she is just a firecracker. She is so serious with the people and telling them to read every day and just loves the scriptures. hahaha I can completely imagine it. They said that Lola, the 81 year old, is getting more and more sick. Her great grandchildren can't go to church now, their mom got mad, so she goes alone. But she is doing great in the church.  I'm excited to go back and see everyone. I defintely miss 9 de octubre. 

The missionary work is AMAZING. I love my companion.  Sister Waite is just such a hard, humble worker. We had our baptism a week ago and Guillermo and his wife were able to travel to Trujillo with the ward to go through the temple open house. His wife, Jayde, and he had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. We taught them both (the first formal lesson with the wife present) and she told us that she wants to get baptized. She wants to feel the spirit all the time like she did in the temple. She wants to be sealed in the temple to her husband for forever. She wants to have a testimony of a true church like we do.  She wants to change and she wants to do family history work and save her ancestors. So, we invited her with a fecha for the 13th of June, which is really soon! We have so so much to teach her. But she honestly wants to learn and understand and she is always home so I don't think it will be a problem. We will need a lot of help from the Lord too.  Anyways, I cried.  She is just so ready and I can already tell that their marriage and relationship together has changed. They are happy. They are excited and I am too to say the least :) 

My new favorite scripture is 2 Nephi 2:25. I really do know that MEN ARE THAT THEY MIGHT HAVE JOY! That is what God wants and that is what the Gospel provides. I promise. 

The spirit is the best feeling ever. 
I have sick problems. I don't think it will ever go away. 
I love my companion so much. 
Guillermo and Jayde are so great and I never want to leave them. 
President and Sister Williams are amazing. 

Also, we sang in sacrament meeting with the sisters in our district. We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer and I haven't felt the spirit that strong in a church meeting in a long time. Music is so powerful!

Also, President is LITERALLY Dad. I can't even begin to explain how much I miss daddy, especially when I am around president. 

Love you!


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