Monday, June 1, 2015

When missionaries get sick...

Hey everyone.  It was an up and down week for me. 

Jayde is doing great. We've decided to wait until the end of the month for her baptism; just because it's harder to teach the lessons with her. She broke her glasses so she hasn't been able to read the folletos.  She isn't as smart as Guillermo so understanding these COMPLETELY new non-catholic concepts is harder for her. 

Some interesting things to note:
Nevada means snow covered in spanish. 
Las vegas means the tobacco plantations in spanish.

Tuesday we had 3 lessons go through IN THE MORNING. This is a miracle. and they were great lessons!  One with Blanca, who knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and CAN'T wait to read the Book of Mormon. Another with Zamira. Well, she isn't progressing quite as much but she wants to understand our point of view.  She's attentive and really really nice.  I love her.  The other one was a reference from the stake president, and those are always golden!

Wednesday I got letters from grams that had socks in them. I am always in need of socks! And I got 2 letters from you mommy. One all about the youth conference and your experience. I had no idea so thank you so much. What a cool experience. It would be life changing if these Peruvians could have experiences like that. LIFE CHANGING. Count your blessings. The other letter from you was the reply to the mothers day letter I sent you, which was absolutely amazing! I have read it many times.

We also had intercambios.  I stayed in the area with Hermana Gonzales, who was my sister leader when I was in 9 de Octubre too. She's great. 

Thursday after intercambios, Hermana Williams came out with us. I LOVE HER. I have been so blessed to have this time with her. She's been my mommy out here in Peru. She's a great person. We taught 2 lessons with her and it was amazing.

Friday I got sick, but we stayed out all day.  At 9:30 I got right into bed. 

Saturday I was sick. We stayed in.  I honestly don't think my digestive system will ever be normal. We watched 10 movies/videos. I gained a testimony, or was reminded of my testimony, of the pioneers, Joseph Smith, Christ's sacrifice, and the power of prayer. I love this church so much.

Sunday I was still in bed. Real sick with the tummy wummy. This time we listened to conference talks on Hermana Waite's ipod. I listened to The Atonement: After All We Can Do by Brad Wilcox and Mom, you're right, it was amazing!  It changed my perspective on that scripture which is one I have on my wall.  

Well, we also found out that my comp has transfers. It's super sad, especially with all the success we are having in our area. I am going to really miss her support and her friendship and her spiritual strength. She has helped me more than anyone can imagine. 

Next week I will let you all know if I have a latina companion or not. 
Oh also, I have been out here for 11 months! CRAZY. I'm loving the mission I love the lord. 


Hermana Pilling

Clair being her crazy self

Clair "with the girls" at church

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