Monday, June 22, 2015

Exhausted, but joyful

The time is literally just flying by. I cant believe it's been a year. I am going to be home before I know it and I don't think I'm okay with that. I have been REALLY really exhausted lately though. A year with the same clothes is tiring. A year of walking 7 miles a day is tiring. A year of constant gospel focus is GREAT but it also seems to be more tiring. I have to really push it and focus this last 6 months. I'm so excited for everything though. I can see the little miracles every day and I am so excited to work with the Lord to bring more people to Christ. 

I SENT A PACKAGE HOME. And I got to the post office and I didn't know the new address. So I sent it to the Steed's house and they should get it within 3 weeks... I hope. :)

This week we had the blessing and the privilege to watch the broadcast of the youth cultural celebration and then attend the temple dedication sessions the next day. President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came down and we attended all 3 dedicatory sessions and it was beautiful. President Uchtdorf was trying to talk to the kids and just kept talking in English and it was funny because they didn't understand but he was trying so hard. It was cute. I loved seeing all the different typical dances and performances and being inspired and uplifted by the messages given on Sunday. I have realized that having a temple less than an hour away is a huge blessing and I need to go way more often. There are some Peruvians that are making the sacrifice to go once a month. It's 3 hours away and costs 30 soles, which is only 10 bucks but for a Peruvian that is like 2 weeks worth of breakfast meals. I need to definitely go more often. I have realized that the sacred work we do for the dead in the temples is such a blessing and it's all thanks to the restoration of the gospel. I am so ready to get going on family history work. The temple is where we need to be so that others can be with their families forever. I have realized that the spirit is the best feeling in the whole world. I sat in the chapel and listened to Mormon Tabernacle Choir for half an hour before the dedication and I felt the love of God. I felt the spirit testify of this marvelous work that I am doing. I felt so JOYFUL to be here in Peru. I also realized this weekend that I am so proud to be a missionary in Peru. It's been such a blessing. 

I absolutely love you all and I hope and pray that everyone is in good health and is happy and is praying. Prayer is the greatest blessing God has given us-AFTER the life and atonement of His only begotten son. 


Hermana Pilling

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