Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Little miracle from Heaven

One year ago today was my farewell talk. Crazy! Then I had all those goodbyes that were so hard. Honestly, I don't know why they were so hard. a year and a half is no time at all. I'll be home before you know it. But I do miss you all dearly and I am grateful for the prayers, the letters and the emails of support and encouragement. I always need them. Then I had an awesome MTC experience where I learned so much and grew and made awesome friends. Then I went to my beloved home of 9 de Octubre. I was there with Hermana Norton, Hermana Brito and then trained Hermana McCally there. I am so grateful for each of those sisters and for the members and the less actives and the investigators that I had in those 7 months. I learned so much and I know that God placed me there with those companions for a reason. They made me the missionary that I am today!

Then I had my first transfer. And a hard one too. I got here to San Felipe with Hermana Waite. We were such a great companionship if you ask me! I loved teaching with her and learning with her. Our investigators and our moments together were powerful and now I have Hermana Wood. Hermana Wood and I are the dynamic duo of the decade. I love teaching with her. I can honestly say that my Heavenly Father knows me and what I have needed to learn and who has needed my talents in this last year. It's been a huge blessing and an amazing experience to be here in Peru. I have finished the Book of Mormon. I have finished Preach My Gospel. I have learned so much about the atonement, personal revelation and prayer, patience, charity and humility. I am a changed woman and I LOVE the Gospel. 

So this week we had a cool experience. Last Thursday we were walking to an appointment and I turned to my comp and said, "Lets cross the street so we can knock on that door."  So we did. And we knocked on this random green house and I pulled out a contact card and was about to give it to her and she opened the door all the way and said, "Come in." This week on Tuesday and then on Friday we visited her and she is a little miracle from heaven. She has 2 boys, 7 and 8 years old. She told us she never opens up for people and she did to us.  Then she said that she doesn't feel like God loves her, like he has abandoned her. That is probably the hardest thing for me to hear because I FEEL THE LOVE HE HAS FOR HIS CHILDREN and it is immense. And it is for every single one of us. Anyways, we told her that God hasn't abandoned her because he sent us and we told her about last week and how we randomly decided to cross the street. She cried and we just promised her that we have exactly what she needs. We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught all of lesson one. She always has really good questions and she has already noticed that she feels the spirit when we come. Oh, and her name is Miluska and she is so great. We are so so excited for this little miracle. 

Hermana Williams came with us to teach Hermana Jayde. It was a great lesson on repentance, I loved it. Her prep is going well and everything is set for her baptism on Saturday. 

Just wanted to share: 
Acts 13:52 and the disciples were filled with joy and with the holy ghost. 
I am so filled with joy. And with the holy ghost. I love the mission. I can't believe I am home in less than 6 months. I am just going to live it up and enjoy every moment.  Today we went to eat at a really nice Chinese place with President and Sister Williams to celebrate our 1 year, because they have the same. I love them.  

Everyone needs the gospel and we really have such an intense responsibility to teach the gospel in such a way that they will realize it is true and it is what they need. It's all laying on the shoulders of us 18, 19,. 20, 25 year old missionaries. God must really trust us. 

The mission really is amazing and if I had to pick 3 things I have really learned it is 1. The power and the need of the atonement for EVERYONE. 2.  Preach My Gospel is the best and teaching PEOPLE instead of lessons is so important. 3.  Every comp and investigator I have had makes me who I am. God has a perfect plan for my mission. 

Thanks again for all of your support.

Hermana Pilling

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