Monday, May 11, 2015

Post Skype Fail

Hola Family,

I was sooooo happy last night when I got to skype with you.  I am bummed you guys didn't enjoy it all that much.  (Note from Clair's Mom: this was because it didn't work.  We just saw a blurry, long haired blondie with a big smile on her face).  I wish you could at least see me but that's okay. I do know you think I am great and perfect which are both so NOT true hahaha.  I do wonder if you read my emails sometimes because I never get replies specifically about these people and experiences.  I never worry about meeting your expectations like before. Everything is good there.  It didn't make me trunky at all to hear Tyler.  It was weird, I just feel like it was normal. I was expecting things to be so so so so different but everything was the same. You and Dad and Joe and Cale and Ian. Joe has a deeper voice but you all look like you guys so that was comforting. I am just so excited for the mission and the time I have left. Sometimes I worry because it has literally just gotten better every transfer and I don't think it is possible to just keep getting happier until the end of my mission. Maybe I will have a hard time here soon but I don't know. I have 5 1/2 transfers left, which is maybe 2 more comps and 1 more area. Who knows though.

It would be nice to get more letters but whatever. I get Auntie Kerri's regularly and I take pics of your emails and reread them sometimes. I really am happy and feel your love and support. It would be nice getting spiritual insights from all of you, like your testimonies and what you liked about church and such as.

YES, Cale talked about Guillermo at seminary! That is so great. I'm glad you got my letter. Have you gotten a lot? I hope they are good. It's so much easier for me to write everything; all the details about these crazies and such in a letter. It's fun. I like it.  I hope you guys enjoy it too.

I have little cards. I am going to write more and send a package home within the next 2 months. 

I miss you too mommy. You are going to LOVE the next letter you get! It is just for you and you should get it soon. It was for Mother's Day, but oh well. 

Thanks for your email daddddyyyy!  To be honest, I haven't teared up or cried yet. It's really helpful having a baptism to try to plan this weekend. But I do love and miss you all a lot and I am so grateful for the time we had to chat. The spanish was HILARIOUS. I loved hearing your crazy pronunciation. It was very entertaining.

I uploaded a bunch of pictures.  I hope you like them!

Love you all,

Hermana Pilling

Tyler's b'day package and...

Momma's b'day package.

Scripture cases with the shoemaker member.

Monsefu Cilclayo for some Peruvian trinket shopping (it's a secret).

Clair's first photo as a 20 year old!  Hermana Waite gave her 20 things for her birthday :)

Hermana Waite, and Clair with Hermana Kotty, an investigator.

Clair with Suzett.  This was one of Clair's 4 birthday cakes of the day!

Hermana Sonia bought Clair a tres leches cake that they at the church with the elders, and Julio, Isabel, and their family.  This was the missionary's last meal with members, as now they eat strictly with pensionistas.

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