Monday, September 14, 2015

Jaen Week

This week... what happened this week... Well, firstly I realized I didn't explain why it was a week of blessings, but we had so many lessons and so many new investigators and so many contacts and so much fun. It was great!

This week was a really great week too! The 10th til the 27th of September is ¨JaĆ©n week¨ even though it is more than a week. People come from the little mountain towns and they just come to party. Why do they do so? To celebrate 2 saints.... there are so many catholics! We like to spend time in the plaza De Armas to contact and get to know people, but we haven't been doing that just because we don't want some crazy guy to try to beat us up or something. I don't know. So ya, that is going on right now. 

This week we had an FHE with a part member family. The daughter, Marite, is 27 and is leaving for her mission in Bolivia in 2 months and the mom, Olga, is less active and not married to Fernando, who is not a member. So we watched ¨To This End Was I Born¨, a video about Christ and his life and talked about his influence in our lives and then Fernando prayed. It was his first time ever. You are probably thinking that I am going to say it was some magical spiritual experience. It was just straight up funny. We all ended laughing. I'll explain.  Monday was Marite´s 1 year mark since she got baptized so in her Dad´s prayer he said ¨we are so grateful to be here to celebrate Marite´s 1 year in her.... career as a mormon¨.  Oh it was so funny. Maybe it was more funny in spanish. But it was funny. It made me think that our ¨career¨ as members of the church is not easy.  To have accomplished 1 year as being a faithful member of the church in this crazy world really is a huge accomplishment! 

We also visited Mily and Robert again, well twice. We challenged them to get married the 26th of September and they said they would think about it. Then we went back and Robert had done some talking with some friends and family friends who he admired and everyone said no. You need to be with a girl 10 years before you know if you really want to be married to her. WHAT? What is happening to the world? They have a son. They have a house. They have been together 6 years. I'm pretty sure they know if they want to be together or not. So we used the scriptures and the help of our awesome member who was with us and we helped them remember WHY marriage is important. We will see what happens this week. Diego, their 5 year old, says the prayers and they are adorable. 

My companion and I came up with a game. I give my companion a word, a noun, and she has to use that word in the contact, then she gives me a word and we keep going like that. It is so fun! And it is actually helping us have better contacts because we have to get to know them a little bit before we randomly say the word birthday or shoe or pineapple. I absolutely love my companion and my ward and my leaders and my investigators and my family. Thank you for everything!!!


Hermana Pilling

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