Monday, September 7, 2015

Week of Blessings

First of all, happy September! 1 week down and I cannot believe it. There are no such things as seasons here and it kills me and makes the time go by so much faster.

Secondly, we had our district meeting and we talked about what we learned from Elder Bednar and how we can apply it. Then we had intercambios and I had the amazing opportunity to teach with the one and only Hermana Waite again. I LOVED being by her side and talking about our families. She is going to be home in 1 month so we talked about how she feels about that and just everything. It was fun teaching together and it felt just like the good old days. She has been a huge help and example for me to just love the mission no matter what and to be diligent 100 percent of the time. (Saturday I only have 100 days left). We were together here in my area and we found so many new investigators! It was just a great 24 hours. It would be cool to teach again with each of my companions. Hermana Waite made comments about how I have changed- better spanish, more confidence, stronger spiritually, etc. Its funny because I feel like I haven't changed at all. It's the little things we don't even notice that make us better every day. 

We had a lesson with Mily and Robert this week that was pretty cool. Every word that came out of my mouth was directed by the spirit, I swear. They were telling us about their doubts with the Book of Mormon. It drives me crazy when people say they don't believe it because it's something new... WELL OF COURSE IT'S NEW AND ITS FOREIGN. So I was inspired with an example. I asked them what faith means. They answered and we talked about that. Then I asked why they believe everything I say about Canada. They said well we trust you and we talked about how that is faith. They have never met a Canadian before. Anyways, then we moved into the Book of Mormon and how it can simply be true, even though the Book of Mormon is new to them and that it is the word of God, just that they have never ¨met¨ the Book of Mormon. They were thinking really hard and we continued talking about it and left them with 3 Nephi 11 to read, one of my favorite. At the end of the lesson Robert prayed. They had a tough day because of some news they received concerning his work and they were both very worried. He prayed and it was so sincere and so powerful and just asked God not to abandon him and to lead him and help him find the right path. He paused often and I felt God´s love SO strongly. I have prayed ever since then that they feel the same love and spirit and that they are doing better. It was such an amazing experience. He said amen and his wife, my comp and I just all looked at each other smiling. It was so so cool. 

Random thoughts...
My companion eats really fast. 
We made lunch together with our pensionista on Sunday it was DELICIOUS. We made homemade ice-cream- guanabana flavour. 
I love inviting people to be baptized. 
I love the spirit. I love prayer. I love the church. I love testifying. I love you all and I love the sun. I am trying to enjoy it because I know it won't exist when I am home. 

Love you all,

Hermana Pilling

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  1. Thank you for all you are doing! What a wonderful gift you are giving to so many!