Monday, November 23, 2015

Second Chances

HOLY HANNAH. I dont even know where to start. 
First off. Hola!

Second, we had transfers.  Tuesday we showed up for change meeting! I love those meetings. You see people you maybe haven't seen for a while and president always walks around from group to group cracking jokes, and that is my favorite. He made a joke this week with me telling me I was going back to Jaen and the way he said it and in spanish and his comments after and his facial expression and just everything made me tear up instantly because I thought of my funny daddy. President and Sister Williams each share a little message and then all the newbies present themselves. After that they have a powerpoint to show who the newbies are going to be with.  They opened some areas which was pretty crazy! Then they get to everyone else and the whole chapel fills with anticipation. This time.... President said, "I want to announce the first one please! Hermana Wood please stand up (she was my canadian companion in June). Hermana Wood, leaving the Chiclayo Peru zone, arriving in the Victoria zone. You will be sister leader and your companion will be Sister Pilling. Again. WHAT! I nearly cried!  We hugged and everyone was just shocked. That never happens in our mission. Never ever. So ya! We are sister leaders over 6 companionships now and every single companionship is training, so we have lots of training to do ourselves to help out these newbies. Hermana Avila, my beloved hija, is one of these sisters! She is finishing the training of the Hawaiian sister and I get to do intercambios with her! WAHOO. I am so excited. I thought I would never see her again... you never know. So now I have 2  1/2 granddaughters in the mission.  How fun!
How do I feel about this change? Well, I honestly feel so good. In my interview with president the week before he asked me who I want my new companion to be and I told him there aren't very many options! hahaha Then I said, "Well if I could have anyone I would die to have a second chance with Hermana Wood.  I want to do things better. But Hermana Clegg would be fun!" He said, "Oh ha ha ha you think you are funny. It won't be Hermana Wood, I can promise you that." Well, only God knows. I honestly am happy. It's been weird. We haven't had to get to know each other again but trying to teach together still requires a little bit of an adjustment. She has grown a lot and I think I have too and things will be better. I don't know how many people noticed but my one transfer with her was probably my lowest moment in my mission. After the meeting president came up to us and told us we need to work like crazy, we have lots of sisters, Hermana Wood needs to know the area and we don't have a full transfer! So we are working hard. Since she has been here she has struggled quite a bit. She was in San Felipe for a long time and it's one of the first wards and one of the biggest wards in Chiclayo and now she is here in maybe one of the weakest. It's been hard for her to adjust to everything but I know she will be fine. She is really motivated and she just has so much faith. It's going to be great!
Finishing her mission with Hermana Wood
Saying good-bye Hermana Guillen
We walked a lot and got to know the area better together. We are working with the ward directory to get to know the members. The members don't really have a good relationship with the missionaries so we are trying to change that one. It's been successful, honestly!

My lesson of a lifetime:
Hermana Avila, one of Clair's favorite companions
20 minutes of Scripture Study is essential
I have always read my scriptures and loved them but here in my mission I have learned how to study them and the importance of doing it everyday to protect us and to strengthen our testimonies. I have seen this power in the lives of recent converts too as I help them set goals and make plans to be able to gain a better relationship with their Heavenly Father by reading and studying the scriptures. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Moroni's promise never fails. I love the scriptures with all my heart. 20 minutes is all it takes. DO IT. 

Well, no more time! I will plan better for next week. Love you all and pray for your safety always. 

Clair with her mane.  She
wants to cut it, but said she'll
wait until she gets home.

Hermana Pilling

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