Monday, November 23, 2015

So much Joy in my Heart

Hi Everyone,

I loved our district meeting this week. I was in such a good mood and I feel like it lifted everyone else's spirits too. It was a fun meeting. I love the mission organization.

Clair with her companion
We did intercambios again! I went to Pomalca, one of the areas where Hermana Brito served way back when... haha. It was fun to get out of Chiclayo a little bit and see something new. I was there with Hermana Yucra from Puno Peru. She has 6 months in the mission and is a really good missionary. I really enjoyed being there with her. Dad wrote me this week about sharing my little ideas with missionaries because suddenly I am one of the 3 sisters with the most time in the mission. I always talk a lot on intercambios. Bad habit. I just have learned so much during my mission! I start off asking questions and getting to know them and then when they start talking about something that has been hard in the mission or something that I can really relate too I just go off and never stop! I don't want you guys to think I am crazy and I just talk and never stop. My point is, I love to share experiences and offer advice. All missionaries pass through similar difficulties and we can all help each other. 

I have so much joy in my heart. 

I love to hoola hoop. It's my favorite part of my exercise routine in the mornings :P

We had interviews this week with President and Sister Williams! And then we also had interviews with the assistants. That was a little strange. President and I talked about the sacrifices of sister missionaries and got a little emotional when he talked about my group leaving. We were the first missionaries to get here with President and Sister Williams and now we are leaving! Que loco! we also talked about how the Lord has a plan, I will talk more about that later. Sister Williams and I talked about the hardest part of faith is trusting the Lord. But in reality, faith IS trusting the lord. I mentioned that I feel like I am just barely holding on and we talked about how tiring the mission is when you give it your all. I feel worn down and tired but I feel SO satisfied knowing I am so tired because I have worked so hard. 

I suddenly got hit with the flu Thursday. It was awful. I didn't even have the strength to take off my name tag, like to pinch it off. I had all the symptoms and almost threw up too.  Okay, too much information. 

We had a miracle lesson! Friday we had planned to go to Aida, a miracle from about 3 weeks ago. But she wasn't home so we knocked her neighbors door, a girl named Mary who we contacted earlier in the week. She let us in and invited her 2 children to listen too, 16 and 12 years old, and we taught the family and it was so personal and by the spirit and it was AWESOME. Then we invited them each to be baptized and without even hesitating for a second they all said yes. I am really excited for them. A little tender mercy from the Lord. 

I would just like to say that The Church is true. Prophets exist. God speaks to His prophets. This church is true. 

My lesson of a lifetime is Heavenly Father has a perfect and individualized plan for each of His Children. With everything that I have experienced during my mission, I have never doubted that God has a plan. With changes in my personal life, with changes at home with the family or friends, seeing so many trials come and go I have FELT that it is all part of the plan. Teaching investigators who are learning bout the plan of happiness I can testify that it is real and that God knows what he is doing. I know that He has guided me to each of my investigators and less actives. He has placed me in each area for a reason. I know that He will always sustain us and if we are faithful and righteous, he won't let us make the wrong decision. President and Sister Williams both mentioned that a little bit. When we are doing what is right we need not fear. I love my Father in Heaven and his outstretched hand to lead and guide me always. I am so grateful for every single experience, good and bad.  I have loved being here on the mission. I have learned and grown. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan. 

I love you all and I am so excited to be alive. 
My companion has transfers. I am also going to be able to see Hermana Avila again! WAHOO. 

Until next week. 

Hermana Pilling

I had to add this one because Clair looks just like my sister, Leah in this picture!

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