Monday, January 26, 2015

2 Things I Have Learned So Far

Hi Family,

The truth, I don't really miss you guys. If I look at your photos and try REALLY REALLY hard I can make myself cry. But I am in Peru and I'm just a missionary so that's okay. 

In our district meeting this week we talked bout the commandments. We started by asking, ¨Who are you?¨ the answer being children of God. Then, ¨What does that mean to you, to be a literal child of our Heavenly Father?¨ It really made me think! We talked about how if we really understand this relationship we would be 100% obedient to the commandments. John 4:5 and John 15:14 were our main scriptures. It was super cool to think about it all.  It made me think about what it says in the bible dictionary about prayer and learning our true relationship with God. It is so great and I love learning. 

This week we had interviews with President and Sister Williams!
Sister Williams asked me some questions: 
1. How did you adjust so quickly and easily? 
2. What is your favorite part of the missionary work?
3. What are 2 things you have learned so far?
4. Have you even had any hard days?
5. How is training sister McCally?

These were hard to answer! Some things she said were:

-I can't just say it was thanks to my trainers because some sisters go home and they aren´t as ¨natural¨ at teaching as I am. So it must be  part of who I am. 
-That I am progressing and growing so much. 
-That she will not let me go to the Cajamarca mission hahahaha hallelujah! 
-I said that I have had a solid total of 2 hard days in the mission. Two. Just two. hahaha She made some jokes about that because it´s so few. hahaha 
-I said 2 things I have learned about are; faith and that Heavenly Father REALLY knows each of His children and loves them each individually. 

Then with President, well basically I was talking to Dad. I am being serious. He is so much like my fatherrrrrr. He didn't ask any questions just talked and said that I should never do anything stupid and how he just loves strictly obedient missionaries. He expressed his love for me and how he worries about his sister missionaries, especially the gringos. He told me to try my best to look ugly every day. Then we had a special moment. He said, ¨I am praying for you guys and... I don't know if this is doctrine, but I think God has your great grandpa and great grandma and other loved ones watching over you and they are so so so grateful for the chance to be a part of your life.¨ We were both in tears and it was super cool. I love President so much. 

I DON´T HAVE CAMBIOS (transfers).  I am going to be here until the exact day that I will have been here for 7 months. My first and only area! I am excited and it should be a good transfer :) 
Sunday, President and Sister Williams also came to our ward. I bore my testimony, because I really felt like I needed to. It was a really good Sunday. Next week we have stake conference. 
I love the movie The Testaments!

Love you so much! 

Sister Pilling

This was on Halloween, but I didn't get it until December.

Some of the missionaries Clair serves with (or used to serve with).

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